Chinese Hell

Chinese Hell

Chinese Hell

It is believed that there is life after death and where one goes after death depends on the life that one lived on earth. If you are a good person, there are awards, and if you are the bad type, there is a hell for you.  Hell is the place where wicked individuals are believed to go after their life on earth.

Hell is, usually, depicted as the opposite of heaven. There are also other places where people are believed to go after death. Those places include limbo and purgatory. Limbo is said to be the deep end of hell where those who die with the original sin go after death.

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The town named the town of suicide. The chamber of dismemberment is a preserve for the grave marauders. Those who does not respect the graves will have their body cut into pieces. In the Chinese hell, a volcano awaits those who survive using corrupt means. (Donnelley 57).

People who subdue the weak on earth and use their power inappropriately, the Chinese hell has a stone mill where they will be crashed. For those who cheat in business and misuse the law, they will be cut into two by the demons in the saw chamber.

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