Children’s pastime of today vs. yesterday

Children’s pastime of today vs. yesterday

Children’s pastime of today vs. yesterday

Childhood pastimes of yesterday and today have changed dramatically over the years. Technology and fast life have shifted the trend and taken the world to another level all together. Games that used to be fun in the past are boring to children today. One reason behind this gradual change in pastime is the presence of technology to children. Today, children have computers, video games, I pads, tablets, smart phones, and mp3s among others. With all these gadgets, all they have to do is push some buttons thing and everything they desire is there. Unlike the past, children today do not necessary have to interact with one another.

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Children’s games were very active as compared to children’s games today. Arguably, the differences in pastime choices of children twenty years ago and modern kids do not favor young people of today. Twenty years ago, childhood offered hours of entertainment including wholesome living, exercise, imaginative play and family. Regardless of age, children are today spoiled by instantaneous gratification, for instance, with television. Markedly, childhood pastimes seem to move indoors as the lure of television, the Internet, and video games amplifies.

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