Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce

Children of Divorce

Divorce is the act of terminating a marriage legally, where the two parties involved relinquish their obligations to each other as required in a marriage. In the United States, divorce rates have been rising yearly especially in the 20th century whereby about 20-25% of first time marriages end up in divorce (Riley, 1997). Children in most instances are the most affected by its occurrence.

It is estimated that about fifteen million children in America have experienced divorce in their families that bring about severe physical, psychological, spiritual, moral and educational consequences as they grow up (Hughes, 2005). Such effects considerably alter and promote the negative behavior of the children as explored and discussed in this essay.

Divorce introduces a complete overhaul change in a child’s life that affects them whether young or older.  Change is said to be an inevitable occurrence; thought is difficult to become accustomed to in some cases.

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In summation, the annulment of a marriage is an essential but tricky step to undertake in some instances in a marriage. The children who depend on the two end up on the receiving end and are estimated to take about three years to handle and conform to the new status of divorced parents. Meanwhile, they deal with not understand why it had to happen, the changes in their lives that traumatizes them and if the ups and downs are not handled carefully, results to lifelong consequences.

Amato, P. R. (2000). The consequences of divorce for adults and children. Journal of marriage and family, 62(4), 1269-1287.

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