Childhood Amnesia

Childhood Amnesia

Childhood Amnesia

Childhood amnesia, which is also referred to as infantile is characterized by the relative absence of memory before the age of one and three years. However, this does not imply total absence of memories. Notably, the cause of childhood amnesia is unknown but doctors are still researching on it.

Researchers state that the memory of children declines as they grow older. As compared to men, women seem to have better memories for this. Different theories give varying reasons for this disorder. For instance, one theory states that childhood amnesia is a result of sexual oppression at one time in life. On the other hand, another theory notes that it result from lack of language skills when one is under three years of age (Kail, 2007, p. 22). This would imply that the human memory ought to be associated and conceptually stored with the kinds of meanings and words, which cannot be understood until one is three years old.

Another concept of this disorder is that the brains of young children do not have the correct tools for storing memory in the right way. Ideally, this is because children are born with numerous brain cells but the connections between them are relatively few. As a result, sections of the brain whose role is to process memories are not mature.

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There is a connection between children of parents who using an elaborative style talk about events and memories with them, and those who do not talk about their memories. Indeed, memories are expressed profoundly. Connections play a critical role in our brains because from the age of 9 and 24 months. Markedly, the cause of childhood amnesia has not been revealed although various theories give varying opinions of it.

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