Child welfare essay

Child welfare essay

Child welfare essay

I interviewed a woman social worker who has a Bachelor in Social Work degree from Ole Miss in 2010 and works at the Department of Human Services in the division of family and children services. My interviewee is also currently studying for her masters while still working full time. She is a mother of three children and has a background of financial difficulties.

During the interview, the social worker appeared confident. She also knew a lot of things that entail social work. The social worker sounded passionate about her work and said she took pride in building close relationships between children and resource parents.

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In social work, one has to deal with huge case loads thus it is important to prioritize. An easy going personality is also a plus in social work because one has to interact with many people. Clients will find an easy going social worker to be more approachable than a rigid one. Since one has to play the role of adviser in social work, it is important to be confident as clients depend on you. It is important to show the clients that you know what you are doing and you are going to do everything to help them.

Brain, C., & Mukherji, P. (2005). Understanding child psychology. Cheltenham, U.K: Nelson Thornes.

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