Child Pornography is a Crime

One form of child sexual exploitation is child pornography, which is defined by the federal law as any visual depiction of conduct that is sexually explicit. The federal law forbids any production, possession, distribution, or reception of any images of child pornography. Child pornography is therefore a violation of the law, which is a serious crime. Offenders of this law are convicted and should face fines and stern penalties. It is a serious mistake and a crime to possess or even access child pornography. For instance, the federal law that prohibits child pornography is 19 U.S.C Chapter 110, Abuse of children and sexual exploitation.

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In addition, the ACT included two levels of speech to the description of child pornography. The first category to be prohibited was ‘any visual depiction including any film, picture, photograph, video, or images that are computer generated.’ The second category to be prohibited is any images that are sexually explicit that are promoted, described, advertised, presented, or distributed in a way that relays the impression it portrays a minor that engages in conducts that are sexually explicit (Wortley, 2012, p. 11). The law therefore extends maximum sentences for child pornography and sexual exploitation. Penalties range from 5 to 3o years in prison.

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