Child maltreatment (Research Analysis)

Child maltreatment (Research Analysis)

Child maltreatment (Research Analysis)

Sexual intercourse amid adolescents escalates their risk for unpredictable contraception and numerous partners, behaviors that expose them to sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Commencement of sexual intercourse arises afore the age of 14 years, with lesser chances for white than for black youth. Rates of initiation increase throughout adolescence; by 16 to 17 years, more that half of white and three-quarters of black youth have had intercourse.

Maltreatment, precisely sexual abuse, is a peril issue for premature commencement of sexual intercourse, possibly attributed to maltreatment-related emotional distress.

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Several clinical implications are evident. First, results lend backing to the philosophy that primary inhibition of ill-treatment, among other aids, might result to reduced emotional anguish and interrupt sexual intercourse amid juveniles.

Second, by understanding the mediating role of emotional distress, clinicians can focus their attention on ameliorating the negative health effects of child maltreatment.

Work Cited
Black, Maureen et al. Sexual Intercourse Among Adolescents Maltreated Before Age 12: A Prospective Investigation. 3rd ed. Washington: American Academy of Pediatrics, 2009. Print.

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