Child labor

Child labor

Child labor

Child labor was initially identified to be a social issue with the adoption of a factory system in the dawn of 18th-century in Great Britain. Children had previously been apprenticed or were working in the family; however in a factory their work soon comprised virtual slavery, particularly among the British orphans.

Similar legislation preceded on the continent of Europe as nations became industrialized. Though most European countries had laws on child labor by 1940, the substantial requirements essential during World War II lead to numerous children having to return to the labor market.In the Midwestern and Eastern America, child labor became an identified problem following the Civil War.

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Congressional laws on child labor were professed unconstitutional through the Supreme Court during 1918 to 1922. An amendment of the constitution was approved in Congress by 1924 but wasn’t recognized by most states. A country like turkey has its streets filled with street children as a result of child labor.

Violence exposure is a well-examined risk factor, and the maltreated children happen to have shown an increased risk of anxiety and depressive disorders, the post-traumatic stress disorder, drug abuse and alcohol,psychotic disorders, personality disorders, aggressive behavior, eating disorders, sexual dysfunctions, cognitive problems, suicide attempts, obesity, prostitution and criminal activities.

Maciel, M. R. (2013). Children working on the streets in Brazil: predictors of mental health problems. Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry. doi:10.1007/s00787-012-0335-0.

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