Child Development

Child Development

Child Development

Child development is a process where children grow from toddler to teenage, from dependency to independence from their caregivers.  The most crucial age among children is the young age which is essential for emotional, social and cognitive development. It is crucial for caregivers to ensure that children develop in an environment that promote emotional, social and educational needs among children are provided.  Arguably, child development occurs in a unique and different among different children, but the environment influence development in different levels.

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Early childhood education and the environment the child related to promoting cognitive development assisting children develop certain skills at an early age. Conducive environment motivates children to develop language skills and acquire vocabulary alongside other aspects in life.  Parent and early childhood education providers should promote a conducive environment for children and provide for different needs (Hutchison, 2011).

Hutchison, E. D. (2011). Dimensions of human behavior. Los Angeles: Sage Publications.

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