Child and Adolescent development

Child and Adolescent development

Child and Adolescent development

Toys enhance children’s imaginations, and it is, therefore, imperative to carefully choose developmental helpful toys to children in order to aid them develop in all dimensions. Through play, children build experience and learning opportunities for their development. The appropriate toys allow them to become self-aware of themselves, their surroundings, gain problem solving capabilities, add to their social skills, and put their innovative nature and creativity into practice (Bredekamp, 2011). They make choices, feel valued and safe, confident and adventurous. The task presented to me is to purchase toys for toddlers and infants, and educational play toys for preschoolers.

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Social-emotional development was met by the toys through their ability to build kid’s confidence and self-expression, and the cognitive aspects in the toys included problem-solving skills.   The unsafe toys for toddlers and infants that I found in the toy store were: ‘Boomerang’ that may injure the baby while catching it, ‘Quick-fire Dart Zone’ may injure the eye from the fired foam, ‘Baby Einstein Mobile’ that poses strangulation hazard to the baby. Those unsafe for preschoolers were: ‘Twist ‘n Sort’ poses choking hazards, ‘Army Force Automatic Rifle’ has small parts and poses choking hazards.

Bredekamp, S. (2011). Effective practices in early childhood education: Building a foundation. Pearson Publishing, Merrill.

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