Child Abuse and Socioeconomic Status

Child abuse is maltreatment and neglect of children. Child abuse occurs when caregivers and parents through their own action or failing to act cause injury, emotional harm and death to a child (Browne & Lynch, 2008). Child abuse can take various forms emotional, sexual, neglect, and family violence. The statistics on child abuse is alarming and shows that child abuse is prevalent.

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Studies are yet to establish the strength of the relationship between low socio-economic status and child abuse. Further research must be conducted to clearly identify the strength of the relationship between poverty and child abuse. Additionally, further research must be conducted to show the impact of poverty when combined with other risk factors such as isolation, drug abuse and depression on child abuse.

Browne, k., & Lynch, M. (2008). The cost of child abuse and neglect. Child Abuse Review, 6, 4 ,

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