Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Reports of child abuse in America average to 3.3 million every year in the US. These reports involve approximately 6 million children. Child abuse is not only limited to broken bones and bruises. Though this is the most visible form of abuse, neglect and emotional abuse are also part of child abuse. Similar to physical and sexual abuse, neglect and emotional abuse also leave deep scars in their young victims. Child abuse is not always intentionally. In some cases, child abuse may result from failing to do something that result in causing harm to the child. Not providing for the needs of a child is also a type of child abuse. Abused children in most cases suffer emotionally than physically.

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The judicial system has helped in reducing cases of child abuse. However, before resulting to this, every parent should provide healthy and safe environments for their kids. Awareness should be created to ensure that parents are not unintentionally abusing their kids. Institutionalized should be observed closely to ensure they are not abused as they are the most vulnerable. Staff members at these institutions should also have an impeccable record. Any misconduct or report of such should lead to the termination of the employee. Finally, the government should focus more resources in ensuring child protection.

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