Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Child Abuse

Children are susceptible to different forms of child abuse. When their guardians are individuals who abuse any forms of drugs, children will always suffer. This form of abuse presents itself in form of physical abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse or intellectual, sexual abuse and or even neglect.

When a child suffers any one of these forms of abuse from a substance abusing guardian, it becomes difficult for them to maintain a healthy relationship. Many homes are such that, a parent is an alcoholic, they may be smokers or even hard drugs abusers. They could also be parents who abuse medical drugs. When a parent or guardian

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It is clear that when guardians engage in substance abuse, they most of the time end up abusing their children in the above illustrated ways. There are solutions to these forms of child abuse by guardians. Children are meant to be protected and taken care or by their guardians. They are the people the look up to.

It is important for substance abuse parents to watch out not to abuse their children. As mentioned before, rehabilitation should be the first way to accomplish this. When children feel safe and protected, then the family unit is at peace and unity.

Dehon C, Weems CF (2010) Emotional development in the context of conflict: the indirect effects of interparental violence on children. J Child Fam Stud 19(3):287-97


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