Chicago Public School Closures: A Case of Reform or Regret?

Chicago is facing an intense educational crisis that despite decades of strategies as well as programs to improve it and the academic outcomes, it has remained intractable. Chicago Public School continue to face increased fails in the national benchmarks especially on the math as well as reading test scores, college admissions as well as the graduation rates leading to the closure of the schools. Indeed, there are very few decisions that are made by the school district that can be more controversial than the decision of closing schools as students, their families, and the school staff as well as the local community end up being burdened.

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In conclusion, any efforts that support the transformative education in Chicago ought to be championed especially when it seeks to benefit the community. Among the many challenges CPS has encountered is the challenge for the students in the CPS to transition from the various levels between Kindergarten, Grade school, high school as well as college.

David Stovall. (2013). Against the politics of desperation: educational justice, critical race theory, and Chicago school reform, Critical Studies in Education, 54:1, 33-43,

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