Chemistry Behind Tattoos

Chemistry Behind Tattoos

Chemistry behind tattoos.

Chemistry Behind Tattoos: The sources that helped in the writing of this paper include the book, tattoos-philosophy for everyone by Arp. The chemical engineer a book by the institution of chemical engineers, London, Tattoo artists a book by Nagle. Tattoo a book by Polidoro and front-page-science a book by Saul.

Tattoos were in existence from over 5000 years ago; they have evolved over time and are beginning to take another decisive step towards their change. This step is enhanced by the developments in chemistry, with the availability of removable inks, the tattoos have lost their most distinctive characteristic, and they will never again be a lifetime commitment.

As the tattoos have grown in popularity, so have the complaints for their adverse side effects that are associated with the application and their removal. This paper analyzes the chemistry that is behind the tattoos.

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In this way, when the bearer of the tattoo wishes to get rid of the tattoo, he/she will just have to degrade the protective capsule by the use of an appropriate laser.

This will in turn release the dye molecules, which will then, be absorbe and metabolized by the body cells within several hours and the tattoo will disappear without any trace (Saul et al 2012).

Tattoos have simple chemical structures they are becoming common and more common each day. And people should be educate on the effects and the effects of these tattoos on the body. This will enable one to make a clear and well-educated decision when deciding if to get a tattoo or not.

Arp, R. (2012). Tattoos – Philosophy for Everyone: I Ink, Therefore I Am. New York: John Wiley & Sons.

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