Changing the California/ American legal Justice system

Changing the California/ American legal Justice system

Changing the California/ American legal Justice system.

Changing the California/ American legal Justice system: The California legal judicial system is in need of some reforms, so are most of the American legal systems. The current American legal system encourages punishment more than intervention, marginalization more than integration, and harshness more than leniency.

This problem was inherited for about four decades, when political leaders wanted to show their superiority or to act as a selling point to look tough on criminal acts. For a long time, this meant harsh laws, long imprisonment, three-strike legislation, among other methods.

Due to the lack of government to evaluate and review the judicial system with the changing times, the system now only punish and fail to respond on the main problem.

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The parole system should also be under some scrutiny and review. This is because it proves impossible for someone who has spent over ten years in jail to come out and secure a job, get a decent shelter, and generally live a normal life successfully.

The government should increase the number of work programs or half way shelters for ex-convicts who are trying to re-invent their lives in the new world.

The government of California should realize that the number of people going back to prisons after a period of two years, according to statistics is very high. The legal justice system need efficient reforms early before everything fall apart.

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