Central Relationships

Central Relationships

Central Relationships

Victor Frankenstein was curious even as a child. His obsession with science and chemistry as a child cause him to create a monster. Victor does not take any responsibility for his action even when the monster ends up destroying those he is close to. Victor as a child is driven by chemist, even obsessed by it. In the end he wants to destroy the monster. Walton finds friendship in Victor. He is also in pursuit of a scientific ambition but he is not as treacherous as victor. Victor’s obsession for scientific adventure overshadowed everything in his life.

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Salome is both a victim and a victimizer. Her father is killed by her brother and her mother remarried. Salome is beautiful and has her stepfather lust over her. However, Salome is more interested in the prophet Jokanaan’s voice. She is motivated by power and is obsessed by the power her looks have on men. However, what is surprising is that the only man that she genuinely wants does not want her.  There is romantic twist when Salome demands the prophet’s lips and his look. She defies the laws of her land and this is what causes her death. A princess at birth, Salome dies unfulfilled and with no power that she craved so much. In the end she is both the victim of murder and a victimizer.

Godot never appears in the entire play. He is the man Estragon and Vladimir wait for unendingly which may lead us to think his name refer to God. Both Estragon and Vladimir are waiting for Godot. Making Godot appears as some sort of superior being who has to be waited upon by two men.

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