Cell phones regulation

Cell phones regulation

Cell phones regulation

This paper assesses the risks associated with the use of cell phones while driving. The interest of legislators in this menace has been heightened by the fact that recent decisions of some foreign countries and several U.S. states to restrict or ban the operation of mobile phones while driving. The bulk of scientific research to date indicates that use of a mobile phone while driving indeed does indeed create safety risks for not only the motorist but also his/her passengers as well as other road users. The magnitude of these risks is great. It is clear that hands-free cell phone designs are little safer as compared to hand-held designs though both pose risks when used while driving.

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I feel these regulations don’t go far enough because they are unclear about what a device may be and don’t prohibit operation of hands-free devices while driving. The advocates for cell phone use is  no more distracting than several other driver activities which have no explicit provisions made for them, like conversations with a passenger. Enforcement of the restriction is also patchy. The restriction is essentially hard to enforce, as the defendant must be caught in the act.

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