causes or effects of civil rights movement

The US has experienced a number of civil rights movement after her independence. Before the civil war, there was the anti-slavery movement, as well as the abolitionist. After the civil war, there were anti-segregationists, civil rights movement for women and lynching among others. To date, civil rights movements continue to fight for the rights and welfare of the people in the US. As such, the biggest question remains; what causes civil rights movements?
One of the leading causes of civil rights movements is the discrimination in the society. Discrimination is considered a dehumanizing act that makes one appear inferior based on his health, demographic or even physical characteristics.

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In conclusion, civil rights movement have been caused by certain evils in the society that have threatened the very nature of humanity and social order. Such evils include segregation, corruption, violations of fundamental rights and freedom as well as the lack of social service. To this end, the civil rights movement have managed to influence the law and the society in correcting these social evils.

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