Causes and Effects of Unemployment

Causes and Effects of Unemployment

Causes and Effects of Unemployment

Unemployment is amongst the issues that affect the contemporary societies from different parts of the world. There are a lot of reasons related to what the causes of unemployment are. Most discussions on unemployment revolve around economic growth. The effects of unemployment are felt by different people, that is, for adults who have lost their employment and their families (Sanchez-Castaneda, Serrani, & Sperotti 1). Unemployment is caused by many reasons, which in turn leads to many negative effects at the societal and family levels.

One of the causes of unemployment is technological advances that have happened in the society. Technology has the effect of improving the way in which different activities are carried out through improving efficiency of work. Technological advancements are responsible for the high unemployment that exists in the society today. For instance, in the rural areas where plants such as coffee or tea used to be picked by human beings, most of these people lost their employment after the invention of tea/coffee picking machines. This is because a single of these machines are able to attain the work output of that a huge human labor can achieve with a higher efficiency.

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In conclusion, unemployment is an issue that affects the contemporary society. There are many issues that cause unemployment to take place within the economy. There are numerous harmful effects that are brought about by unemployment. Therefore, the respective governments should come up with measures to handle the situation. This way, the negative effects of unemployment may be solved.

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