Causes and effects of divorce

Causes and effects of divorce

Causes and effects of divorce

Causes and effects of divorce: In the recent past years divorce has increase at a high rate. It has been mistaken as the only solution when people have misunderstandings in their marriages.

It has been observed that the main reasons for divorce cannot be fully established, most women in the recent years are the most responsible for divorce happenings. Some of the causes of divorce are briefly discusse below. (Ambekar 2009)

Due to different habits of spending money, one of them might be unhappy with the habits of the other. This sometimes leads to a fight between the partners and therefore resulting to divorce. The fact that money is a contentious matter among many couples, it is evidenced in that ,opinion polls indicate as many as ninety percent people

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This foundation grows weaker when fewer adults are entering into marriage and many of them are getting divorces.

Many adults opt to become single parents or take the option of cohabitation. The society should find a way to teach the members on the core principles of marriage; the first is that marriage forms the best environment in which to raise a happy and healthy family.

The society has to set about the tasks that help in the rebuilding of a society culture on which to set these marriages on. The society should also provide married couples with the support and the protection that they need to keep the marriage strong and safe.


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