Cause and Effect of child obesity

Cause and Effect of child obesity

Cause and Effect of child obesity

Child obesity is now a major concern in most of the developed countries. Child obesity is the effect of several causes that are all related to the modern lifestyle and technological advancements. The world could only imagine the levels of technological innovations we have today, just three decades back.

While this has been a major blessing to the human world, it has also come with many attached negative effects, including being a major cause for obesity in children. Video, music listening technology, computer and virtual games as well as the availability of these games and feature films on DVD are examples of this. These advancements are passive pursuits that do not require much physical input. Therefore, the lack of physical activity makes children prone to developing obesity (Ho et al. 2012). The affordability of these technologies also makes it very accessible, not just to the parents who buy the gadgets but also to the children themselves.

Another major contributor to child obesity is the proliferation of fast food outlets and the affordability of their offerings.

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Healthy life practices such as exercising constantly as well as proper dieting should therefore be taught in schools to ensure better dissemination of information (Hurley et al. 2011). At the same time, parents should ensure that their children use technologies sparingly and engage in more physical activities.

Ho, M., Garnett, S. P., Baur, L., Burrows, T., Stewart, L., Neve, M., & Collins, C. (2012). Effectiveness of lifestyle interventions in child obesity: systematic review with meta- analysis. Pediatrics, peds-2012.

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