Catholic Liturgy and ritual studies

Catholic Liturgy and ritual studies

Catholic Liturgy and ritual studies

A ritual is a consequence of activities that involve gestures, objects, and words performed according to a set of sequence and in a sequential place. Rituals are prescribed by the traditions of a community for instance, a church community. These practices are characterized by traditionalism, formalism, rule-governance, in variance, performance and sacra symbolism. There are several kinds of rituals which feature all human societies either past or present. These rituals do not only include sacraments and worship rites, but also the rites of passage, purification and atonement rites, and dedication ceremonies and oaths of allegiance among others. According to Catherine Bell, rituals are invariant, implying that they are careful choreographs.

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These people are forced to participate in the ritual life of the whole community. These participation draw them closer to the understanding of these practices hence their faith could be slowly transformed. Ritual studies are taught in all institutions worldwide. There are some learning institutions which have specialized in religious studies. Among them is the catholic religion teaching institutions. The rituals taught are used to transform their understanding of the Catholic faith and the as importance symbols in every mass (Bernard 11).

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