Case Study Diagnosis

Marci is a college student who has indulged in alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and cocaine in different occasions. Due to her substance use, she has been arrested several times, and her relationship with the parents has been negatively affected. She has lost her driving license as a result of alcohol and was only allowed to drive to school. She has experienced depression and anxiety for a short while but recently, such feelings have continued to persist.

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Behavioral therapy, clients are treated so that they can shun self-destructing behaviors. Substance abuse is a bad behavior, and medical professionals can use behavioral therapy to help Marci adopt good behaviors. Multidimensional is a comprehensive, integrated, and family-centered treatment that targets young people abusing drugs. Medical professionals can use this therapy to help Marci in her substance abuse problem. Motivational incentives is another approach that can be used to assist Marci by offering a collection of products that offer tools to help addicts deal with their behavior. (Myers, 1995, p. 91).

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