Case Study Analysis of Four Seasons Goes to Paris

Four Seasons Goes to Paris was a term used to refer to the decision by the owners of the Four Seasons Hotels to venture into the hotel industry in Paris. The business entailed the provision of luxury services such as restaurants and guest room. The hotel boasted of a provision of the best services including good rooms, good food and having staffs that cared about the customers. Customer satisfaction was the priority for the chain of hotels during the time they were entering into Paris. The decision to join could have been viewed as difficult contrary to the thoughts of one of the Four Seasons manager. The manager admits that entry into Paris could be different but not difficult.

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They are the ones who would be involved in the selection of the candidates. However in the event that the French nationals do not qualify to fill in the positions, a plan has to be there in case of anything. Qualified personnel from other countries can be brought to occupy the positions. The recommended plan was chosen so as to comply with the regulations of the country that requires the natives to be part of the employment.

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