Case Management

Case Management

Case Management

Mental health case management is the classification of community services, monitoring the services and advocating for individuals who suffer from mental health issues. Case management also provides support for the families and friends of the victims. This is usually required for individuals who are suffering from serious mental health issues and need support in areas such as employment, housing, community participation and social relationships.

The case management model developed in the United States after the closure of large physiatrist hospitals. Consequently, clinical and therapeutic case management developed as the need for health professionals to establish therapeutic relationships was recognized. Their mission is to assist consumers, and their families live the most fulfilling lives in the community.

There are several agencies in my community that I could refer John and Nancy for assistance services. These agencies are; National Institute of Mental Health, United States Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, The American Case Management Association, Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services and Great West life Center for Managing  Mental Health Matters.

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For the agencies identified, the number of healthcare professionals is equivalent to the patients’ received to ensure that there are delays. It may take 3-4 hours for patients who are not seriously affected to receive treatment in these agencies. The patients are given adequate and quality treatment upon arrival in these agencies. The Case Manager plans and monitor services for different social agencies on behalf of the client. This ensures the clients receive the best services hence the good reputation of the agencies in the community.

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