Carl and Sally Cases

Carl and Sally

Carl and Sally Cases

Carl and Sally Cases: People are faced by different situations that demands making a decision. Sometimes, the decision has to be instant while sometime decisions have to be gradual depending on the demand raised by the situation. There are different theories that are used in decision making. Again, these theories vary depending on the situation. Theory of optimization, matching law, momentary maximizing theory, and self-control choice are some of decision theories that an individual can apply in making a choice. Carl and Sally are in situations that demand making a choice, but the applicable theories in each situation are different.

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Sally has desired to lose weight and she has struggled with her weight for long. Recently she visited her doctor and discovered that her blood pressure and cholesterol level was high. This motivated Sally to lose more weight since her health was being affected. Sally knows that her choice of food have contributed to her weight issues since she prefers snacks and fast food choices, which are convenient, but are not nutritionally essential. The theory that best explains Sally’s current choice is the theory of self-control. To help Sally make the right choices on her diet, I would recommend cognitive self-regulation and self-management techniques.

Grether, D. M., & Plott, C. R. (1979). Economic theory of choice and the preference reversal phenomenon. The American Economic Review, 623-638.

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