Career paper on Industrial Electrician

Career paper on Industrial Electrician

Career paper on Industrial Electrician

The job description of an industrial electrician majorly involves dealing with electrical works. The various duties of an industrial electrician involve; installation, maintenance, and repairing of industrial electrical appliances as well as related electrical and electronic control (Sarnia Lambton Workforce Development Board).

According to Sarnia Lambton Workforce Development Board, the job also involves duties such as updating and modification of an electrical system while constantly updating, testing the existing electrical systems in the manufacturing or industrial process (1).

The 2G manufacturing provide more information on the industrial electrician’s job descriptions which entail updating manufacturing records, record materials used, and constantly updating knowledge and skills regarding industrial electrical systems through training programs (1-2).

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In conclusion, I intend to acquire other skills and competencies that are necessary for my career success. Besides acquiring the highest technical skills as an industrial electrician, I intend to acquire excellent business acumen by acquiring skills and training in business networking, selling, marketing, and problem-solving, finance, socializing as well as people skills.

It is my strong conviction that with hard work, commitment and perseverance on this course, I will succeed in achieving my educational and professional goals.

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2G Manufacturing. “Job Description: Industrial Electrician.” (2012): 1-2. Print.

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