Career in Nursing

Career in Nursing

Career in Nursing.

Career in Nursing: Nursing is one of the outstanding careers in the world that is both rewarding and challenging. My career interest is in nursing as I believe that I can succeed and be satisfied with my career interest in the field of nursing through care and support from other people that I interact with.

I believe I have the qualities that are essential to work in this field with is very dynamic, and I have the relevant traits to perform well beyond tasks that are demanding and challenging in the nursing profession (Banks & Bailey, 2010).

Nursing is interesting because it broadens the creativeness of an individual by focusing on the outside world beyond self interest to assist others in the society.

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These benefits include housing assistance, bonuses, tuition reimbursement and day care (Reineck & Furino, 2005, p. 25). Nursing career history is very long. For the last hundreds of years nurses have been taking care of people.

The profession career has developed and flourished as nurses can now work independently and make decisions for their patients. The nursing profession will continue to grow making the nursing an excellent choice of occupation.

A career in the nursing has a promising future which will be accompanied by other benefits to encourage people to pursue the profession. Employers will make their institution attractive nurse talents. My career passion will remain to be nursing regardless of the years that I will take to pursue the profession.


Sacks, T. J. (2003). Careers in nursing. Chicago, Ill: VGM Career Books.

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