Cardiovascular disease – Epidemiology

Cardiovascular disease - Epidemiology

Cardiovascular disease – Epidemiology

Cardiovascular disease – Epidemiology:Cardiovascular diseases (CDV) also known as heart diseases are an array of diseases that involve either the heart, blood vessels or both the heart and the blood vessels. These diseases include those that affect the cardiovascular system, vascular diseases of the kidney and brain, cardiac diseases, and peripheral arterial disease.

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Nursing homes can organize events such as road shows to educate people on the cardiovascular diseases. Lessons on prevention techniques should be insisted so as to reduce these diseases from developing among people.

Edmondson, D., Gamboa, C., Cohen, A., Anderson, A. H., Kutner, N., Kronish, I., & …

Muntner, P. (2013). Association of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression With All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality and Hospitalization Among Hurricane Katrina Survivors With End-Stage Renal Disease. American Journal Of Public Health, 103(4), e130-e137. doi:10.2105/10AJPH.2012.301146

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