Cardigan History

Cardigan History

Cardigan History

According to this case, there is no any official contract that has been made. There was only an agreement between the two parties, but nothing signed and detailed according to a contract requirement. According to a contract, different terms and condition must be agreed and signed. These details must be written and they include: The names of both parties, the date, the description of the contract or transaction, the condition, sign of both the two parties, duration of the contract, the mode of payment, duration of payment, the amount of payment, a copy of the document for both the parties, location, buyer and seller expectations in these case, a down payment (Koffman, L., & Macdonald, E. (2007).

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Failure to this, the case will be lost. In this case, Sonya will lose the case because there is no adequate evidence that can support his statements. The judge knows very well the details of a contract and failure to include any information will lead to the losing of the case. Further, CARDWARE may decide to disagree with the claim that he was the one who wrote that material description paper. The only option that the judge has is to side with the accused because the paper lacks the sign or the name as the evidence.

Institution of Civil Engineers (Great Britain), & Association of Consulting Engineers. (1988). ICE conditions of contract for minor works and ICE conciliation procedure. Telford.

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