Can Television Improve Academic Performance

Can Television Improve Academic Performance

Can Television Improve Academic Performance.

Can Television Improve Academic Performance: In the ancient days marked by the unsurpassed discovery of the ‘Tele Vision’ (TV) technology, individuals were more amazed at watching the images appearing on a screen rather than what those images actually sought to demonstrate.

For this reason, people seemed to watch TV in pursuit of the amusement it prompted rather than the message it conveyed or the effects it triggered. With precedence in time, television watching has become the most adopted means of entertainment.

This tendency has proliferated in the modern day world to the extent that children not only disregard their academic life, but also their play life in preference to staying in the house for a whole day watching TV.

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but also that of the victims because of the fear induced in them. In the present day, younger students have been seen go to great lengths to evade school because of fear for being hit and embarrassed by bullies in school. When such students repeatedly miss classes their academic performance is gradually affected resulting to lower grades.

Unmonitored television watching contributes considerably to the depreciation of academic performance of students. This is notable in cases of academically challenge students. Who seek leisure in television viewing. And in other students who evade school because of the persistent, but normally ignored bullying activities. Pooling together all the points argued above, television watching actually downgrade academic performance.


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