Cambodian Americans

Cambodian Americans

Cambodian Americans

Cambodian Americans:Cambodian Americans are mostly victims of the Khmer Rouge regime which left them poor, helpless and hopeless. They are represent one of the fastest growing racial groups in America. Cambodian is a country located at the heart of Southeast Asia. It is boarded by Vietnam on the east, Laos on the north and Thailand on the west and northwest. Cambodia was neutral but found itself involved in the Vietnamese war and in Khmer Rouge uprising which was led by Pol Pot.

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Asian Americans studies and courses should be promoted and integrated into the educational institutions with community representation so that their history and culture and culture can be well understood. Faith based organizations can be used to facilitate good communication to eliminate the problem of language barrier. Financial support can also contribute to better lives for most of Cambodian children since they come from very humble backgrounds.

Lee, S. J. (2006). Additional complexities: Social class, ethnicity, generation, and gender in
Asian American student experiences. Race Ethnicity and Education, 9(1), 17-28.

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