California Politics

California Politics

California is a state on the western side of the U.S. It is the third largest state after Alaska and Texas. The current politics of California differ from the whole U.S there are certain similarities in the politics of California and U.S but California politics are more complex. There are notable differences in the government specifically the relationship of state and local government which have to a large extent shaped politics of California.

The government of California is composed of the executive, legislature and the judicial. The three branches of government are similar to the whole of U.S, but interactions and division of power differ in California. The executive consist of the governor, constitutionally elected and appointed officers. The legislature is composed of the assembly and the senate lastly; judiciary comprises Supreme Court of California and other lower courts.

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There is a huge influence of informal institutions and political parties when it comes to legislation. Additionally, there are a variety of state agencies and local governments. The variety local governments address the dives needs of the state brought about by demographics and different economic activities between the south and north.

However, the local governments responsibilities often conflicts. The over reliance of local government on funds has led to negative budget balances. Therefore, California has unique qualities that make it an exceptional state that faces its own set of problems and benefits.


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