California Drought

California Drought

California Drought

The increasingly exceptional drought that is currently crippling California is by far one of the worst in the state history.  The drought has been combined with the unusual stagnant air conditions and warm temperatures. Further, in 2004 the lack of precipitation in the hydrologic cycle has triggered increased wildfires as well as dangerous incidents of air pollution in the state. Indeed, the scientists have deduced that despite lacking rains there has been another factor that has accelerated the drought.

In fact, the immediate cause of the California drought has been speculated to be the stubborn blocking bridge situated over the north-east of the Pacific. It is infamously referred to as the Ridiculous Resilient Ridge and prevents the winter storms from reaching the state especially during the 2014 and last year’s rainy seasons Wang, (S. Y, et al, 2014, p.24).

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Expensive fruits and vegetables or even scarcity might impact heavily on the good nutrition campaigns that have been making significant strides in educating the residents on the importance of fruits and vegetables in the human body and for staying healthy.

The changes in wealth distribution tend to be accompanied by drought as has been witnessed in the last two years in California. The farmers with few assets in California have recorded to have been hit and made vulnerable by the recurrent drought as there have had to borrow so as to fill their household reserves of seeds and fertilizers as well as food.

Fitzpatrick, C. (2014). US: Lawmakers act to resolve California drought problems.

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