Business strategy

Business strategy

Business strategy

In business organizations across the world, the mission statement, value statements as well as the vision statement are not only the most visible aspect of the company but also the indication of its business strategic plan. These statements are important just as they crucial in communicating the organization’s direction and culture. These statements can, therefore, provide stakeholders with an overview of the company’s course and belief towards satisfaction of key expectation. It is imperative that the mission statement, value statements, as well as the vision statement, are not statements of mere conformity to market trends and requirements, but an ideology and belief with which the company is committed.

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According to Calder (2011), the values statements are critical since they define the company and shape their work processes. However, the strength of a company values statement depends on how the belief in the values described are relevant to the company (Calder, 2011). Therefore, determining the strength of values statements by a company can only be measured effectively by how they reflect the company’s actions. Nonetheless, the three companies have portrayed a strong conviction to positive values of integrity, honesty, employee efficiency, respect and fairness.

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