Business Ethics Whistleblowing

Business Ethics Whistleblowing

Business Ethics Whistleblowing.

Business Ethics Whistleblowing: In recent years, the number of whistle blowing incidents in the United States and elsewhere around the globe have increased.

Other than Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Sherron Watkins and Cynthia Cooper (whistleblowers at the NSA, WikiLeaks, Enron and WorldCom respectively), there has been a relative increased in the exposure of present day potential malpractice to law enforcement agencies and supervisory bodies around the world.

The term “Whistleblowing” is used to describe the act of reporting or disclosing by current or former employees of illegal, unethical immoral, or illegitimate behavior under the control of their employers to individuals or institutions that can take corrective action.

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Notably, loyalty to the organization may distort the how the whistleblower perceive their relevance within the firm. Or their capability to inspire change, therefore debasing their motivation and sense of responsibility to report.

Accordingly, acts of whistleblowing may be considered as ethical where the whistleblower is convinced that their motivations are sound and that they have confidence in the system. Whistle blowing in this case is a demonstration of values and moral virtues. Such as courage since defending ethical principles may be a grueling experience.

Notably, many whistleblowers are subjected to retaliation by the perpetrators which may occur through ostracization, humiliation, marginalization in public and forceful eviction from office. In fact, some whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden have been forced to seek asylum form tier home country for fear of prosecution.


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