Business ethics case

Business ethics case

Business ethics case

The Chariot analogy that Plato uses is a very significant aspect of the Western world philosophical conventional approach. The soul is illustrated as a charioteer(Reason), as well as two-winged horses where one is white (spiritedness, boldness), and the other one is black(concupiscence, desire). The aim of this analogy is rise to divine heights.

The chariot itself leads to revealing rendering of the ‘ups’ and downs which are related to the spiritual life. The understanding of this figure is important in making us comprehend the nature of morality. This can be attained through going beyond the literal, so as to uncover how it is related to morality.

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The implication of the regulation of market activities by the government is that the businesses that operate in a particular industry will be forced to engage in ethical business practices such as fair competition, therefore creating a work environment that is favorable for business growth.

This implication makes the Aristotelian approach more plausible as it enhances the moral development of human beings in the business environment.

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