Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business Ethics

There are many ethical issues that face business today. The main ethical issues that arise today arise due to human resource issues. While businesses are expected to demonstrate full compliance to issues of integrity and transparency in the process of hiring dismissal and even recruitment many businesses have shown little or no concern to the issues of human resource management.

The organization has a responsibility of ensuring that the process of hiring and recruitment is fair. The acts of discrimination, should not be allowed to prevail in the institution if at all the organization upholds integrity and ethics.

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It is, therefore, advisable for managers to avoid such scenarios. An organization has to hold strong positions in regard to ethical issues and moral issues in the organization (Business Ethics, 2014). The business leaders should also ensure that the set values are upheld in the whole issue of recruitment and dismissal. In conclusion, ethics in relation to human resource management issues is a very significant topic. The organization must ensure that ethics is observed in the whole process. There should not be situations where ethical values are violated.

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