“Bullet in the brain” short story

"Bullet in the brain" short story

“Bullet in the brain” short story

The interesting short story called “Bullet in the brain” reveals the evolution of literary works and intelligently focuses on the theme of death in an entirely different perspective. The author, Tobias Wolff, vividly paints the theme using imagery and draws the reader into his story.

The story changes so fast from the reader’s expectation and focuses more on death as a theme incorporating other elements to support the theme.  The main character mocks everything around him and his negative and sad nature reveals that an eminent death is hovering around him. The story revolves around the main character at a bank, and bank robbers who kill him.

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The robber’s were strategically placed in that story to be the facilitators of his sad demise and reveal how his character was anxious for that death in his careless speech and his sloppy interaction with people around him.  The story has numerous themes around it, but the strongest and the most revealing one is death since the most of the story revolves around that particular death moment.

The meaning of life in the story is emphasized, and one can see how delicate life is and why valuing it is important. Although the main character was reckless and maybe thought that he was so special and indestructible, the latter follows only revealing that life is delicate and can vanish at any moment.

Bishop, Margaret. Single Scene: Short Stories. Salt Lake City, UT: Gibbs Smith, Publisher, 2007. Print.

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