BSW Education and Social Issues

BSW Education and Social Issues

BSW Education and Social Issues.

BSW Education and Social Issues: A degree in Bachelor’s of Social Work is a vital course in the improvement of the quality of life. The acknowledgement of BSW education leads to the growth of the employment opportunities through the creation of social workers who concern with the advocation of social and economic justice.

This is through the social workers’ efforts in advocating for social injustices such as family feuds, poverty, and the violation of human and civil rights. BSW education is also incorporated by other professional. And educational disciplines in law, medicines, business and public administration and politics among others.

The educational experience and the professional outlook have changed my perspectives to the happenings of social issues. From my perceptions, liberalism in the society greatly depends on the administration of social education. under-reliance on the policies in social education.

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which are the essesnce of dictatig the direction of societal fabric. In achieving my professional goals, I intend to focus on proper managerial skills in all aspects of socio-economic development. Address the societal gaps between the rich and poor in the society. And improve the lifestyles of people for the benefit of the society.

Upon the advancement of my BSW to MSW, I would wish to engage in politics. A sector affiliated with immoral behavioral characteristics and practices that hinder social development. The impact I wish to have is to ensure that. Politics encompasses the social aspects of the subject who vote in for a democratic political system.

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