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BSN 420

BSN 420

In a one-on-one type of conversation if one just listens it peters out. However in group discussions it is better to contribute as even though one has the choice of relaxing and letting the others talk. One would be seen as quiet if they don’t contribute.

There are a number of questions surrounding quietness. The first is if the quiet individual feels it’s a matter they require to correct initially.

Two people might outwardly not speak much in group discussions, and are branded the quiet label, but tend to have totally different motivations and thoughts.

One may decide to be quiet since they badly want to be capable of contributing, but may be too inhibited and anxious to do it. It may be due to feeling ashamed every time an individual points out the reason to their quietness.

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The other individual might feel there’s nothing bad with relaxing and just listening. They may dislike it when the individual speaks about their silence, and will feel misunderstood when individuals think being silent is like a flaw that requires to be cured.

Individuals who make their decisions alone normally have to experience problems by themselves as they tend to make mistakes along the way. Thus, their path to success will be gradual. Consulting others usually help us to avoid some errors since we learn from the predecessor’s mistake.

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