Britons Forging the nation 1707-1837 by Linda Colley

Britons Forging the nation 1707-1837 by Linda Colley

Britons Forging the nation 1707-1837 by Linda Colley.

Britons Forging the nation 1707-1837 by Linda Colley: Linda Colley’s Britons Forging the Nation is rare historical writing which has been used by politicians, academic historians, and the general public.

The book gives an account of how the national identity in Britain was founded in the period spanning from 1707 during the Act of Union, and 1837 during the accession of Queen Victoria. The book showcases the author’s in-depth understanding of the 18th Century Britain.

The key argument has had tremendous impact on the British notion of national identity; it is founded in the premise that the British have always placed themselves against an external ‘other,’ that is the 18th Century Catholic France.

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to elicit the role of women in the social as well as political circles. It further reinforced participation of men in the army; which was much needed by the British government against the significant French army.

The war further stimulated the notion that Britons were a single people, very different from others especially France. The war also instilled more patriotism. And planted the notions of military, monarchy, and empire in the heart of British identity.

Finally, successive military triumphs instilled on the 18th Century Britons the notion that they had a higher status than any other nation not only in terms of a civilized society, but also with the most accountable and stable form of government.

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