British Literature – Beowulf or Sir Gawain

British Literature - Beowulf or Sir Gawain

British Literature – Beowulf or Sir Gawain

A hero is a person who demonstrates outstanding characters.  A hero is a personality who defends his people, and he is always associated with courage and intelligence. Beowulf is one of the characters who demonstrate the characters of a true hero. Beowulf is a personality who sacrifices himself for the sake of his people. He can be described as an Anglo-Saxon hero. This paper lays an extensive focus on Beowulf.

The main focus is to discuss whether Beowulf meets the true qualities of Anglo-Saxon hero. Beowulf can be described as a very strong king who did everything to ensure that his people were safe. Beowulf did everything to conquer his enemies. Beowulf ruled his people with strength and wisdom.

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The above proves that he is a true Anglo-Saxon hero. He poses the qualities of the title of Anglo-Saxon hero (Gummere 33). It is eminent from the above discussion that Beowulf qualifies to be called a true hero. He possesses outstanding qualities that make him a true hero. He engaged in many battles where he emerged victoriously. He is strong, and he has outstanding characters  that many envies.

Beowulf is a person who takes charge of any situation without focusing on the risk involved. Beowulf does everything to ensure that his people were safe. He is a fearless person who won’t fear anything despite the challenges. He poses the qualities of an Anglo-Saxon hero and thus he qualifies to be referred as a true hero.

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