brest cancer vs prostate cancer

Cancer starts in the cells and then spreads to the rest parts of the body. The body forms cells when it needs them and replaces the cells as they wear out. Sometimes, this normal process can go fail and go wrong and body starts producing new cells when they are not required, and old cells do not die at the right time. As a result, the extra cells develop cancer or tumors. There are many types of cancers today, and they are classified based on the initial cell that was infected. Cancer can cause great harm to the body when damaged cells continue to divide uncontrollably. Breast cancer develops from the breast tissue.

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However, they have some differences. Prostate cancer develops in prostate whereas breast cancer develops in the breast. Prostate cancer is common to men whereas breast cancer is common to women. Prostate cancer affects old people whereas breast cancer affects young people. The two types of cancers are major concern and prevention, and awareness campaigns are being conducted around the globe to save millions of lives through early detection.

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