Breast Cancer Screening

Breast cancer is indeed the most frequent diagnosed type of cancer with the American women excluding skin cancers. With current statistics that indicate that in every group of eight women one is likely to develop cancer, it is vital that necessary avenues to address the issue should be sought.Most women ought to start regular breast screenings at early ages though most researchers have recommended the fifty-year-old and above to take the regular screenings as stated by the American Preventive Task Force.

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In conclusion, mammography has provided better results and outcomes than simply self-examination and despite technologies such as the magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound and tomosynthesis being explored, mammography despite its risks a fair job of screening modality with improved and solid evidence of the benefits for women beyond forty years to seventy-four. Indeed, the fifty-seven-year-old woman should proceed with mammography as despite the risks there are solid benefits to its use.

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