Breast Cancer and Genetics

Breast Cancer and Genetics

Breast Cancer and Genetics

Breast Cancer and Genetics:Much focus has been placed on breast cancer and its treatment, though many claim that the most efficient means of preventing breast cancer is via preventive breast cancer interventions, which involve identifying the high vulnerable persons who have a high probability of benefiting from aggressive risk minimization measures. In the United States, breast cancer is only exceeded by lung cancer as the most cause of cancer deaths among women.

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The most vulnerable individuals to cancer are those with a past of breast cancer in their family, particularly if the disease appears in a first-degree relative such as a daughter, sister, or mother. If several of among first-degree relative has been diagnosed with breast cancer, particularly under the age of 40, there is a high probability that the breast cancer is caused by an inherited mutation in BRCA1 or BRCA2, which are genes vulnerable to breast cancer.

Effective genetic counseling, which involve genetic testing, risk evaluation, and regulation and preventive procedures are vital for women to be highly susceptible to genetic-stimulated breast cancer. Breast cancer should be diagnosed during the early phases in order to create a high chance of survival.

Collins, A. (2011). The genetics of breast cancer: risk factors for disease. TACG, 11. doi:10.2147/tacg.s13139

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