Brain disorder

Brain disorder

Brain disorder

The ailment has other several names such as Primary Parkinsonism, Paralysis agitans, or Hypokinetic Rigid Syndrome. It is a disorder that involves the central nervous system. Whereas the disease is more common in older people, it can also affect people who are in the early forties. The disease occurs when the cell that generate dopamine die. Even though much has been learned about Parkinson’s disease, much still remain a mystery to all those who try to study the disease. Statistics has it that there are rising cases of Parkinson’s disease among the older people compared to the young. (Leroy, 1998, p.26). The paper seeks to have an extensive look at the symptoms, diagnosis, parts of the brain affected, and most importantly, the treatment.

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Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease are advised to take the doctor’s recommendations seriously for an effective control of their symptoms. Drugs such as selegiline and levodopa have proven that, even though the disease have no cure, its symptoms can be controlled thus helping the patient to live a normal life. Even though there are side effects related to the drugs, their effectiveness cannot be underestimated. In order to reduce cases of Parkinson’s disease, people should always be aware of the risk factors that contribute to the disease. Prevention is always better than cure.

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