Bowling for Colimbine

Michael Moore’s documentary ‘bowling for Columbine’ creates an impression that too many guns and a climate of fear surrounding the American people; are to blame for the high rates of gun related killings in the country. He drives this point home by his portrayal of the American media and government as the chief drivers of this fear. He argues that the gun manufacturers,media and the state benefit from the climate of fear and as such willingly choose to perpetuate a climate of fear in Americans.

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Despite these well founded criticisms of the documentary, it is true that there is a uniquely American reason for the country to experience such high levels of gun violence. Gun possession alone may not be sufficient to explain the phenomena and while the fear factor is not easy to prove, the documentary highlights a real problem that needs addressing.

Hardy, David. “Truth about Bowling for Columbine.”Truth about Bowling for Columbine. 1 Apr. 2003. Web. 14 June 2015.

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