Body ritual among the Nacirema

Body ritual among the Nacirema

Body ritual among the Nacirema

Body ritual among the Nacirema: Nacirema is a community that holds varying beliefs in body rituals. The culture of Nacirema will get understading only by the interception of ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Ethnocentrism is the notion that a culture is more supreme.

On the other hand, cultural relativism is respecting that different societies have different cultures. These cultures would only be fathom by the people of the respective community.

Rooted in the practice of the body rituals is an example of ethnocentrism in this tribe. The community is rich in the economic world but despite this, a varying belief is held. They term the body as unclean and it needs purification. The cleansing ritual takes most part of the day. People in this community know that the practice of body cleansing is very important. Women are known to even bake their heads a few times a month while men mangle their faces on daily occasions. The writer of the article is ethnocentric. He describes the rituals as the key drive to the prosperity of the people in the community. The firm notion of the body being so unclean and ought to have numerous cleansing. The importance of the ritual according to the writer is emphasize in the shrines.

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Cultural relativism is evident in this scenario. It is only the people of Nacirema that understand why they frequently cleanse their bodies. Any outside trying to comprehend the rituals in the community would have no option that to learn the culture of this society.

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